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    Weiyuan Feichi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2000, the company initially for the production of xDSL separator, RJ45 manufacturers, according to market demand, nowadays, the company transition to the production of fiber jumpers, with the production of xDSL separator. I Division in Chinas Sichuan Neijiang City and Chongqing Beibei District are equipped with factories. The company has five fiber jumper production, testing, packaging a full set of equipment, from the confidential grinding machine to the insertion loss, loss test instrument, and 3D testing equipment, readily available. Single-core, dual-core, and the market SC / APC, SC / PC, FC / PC and other types of adapter jumper I can produce the Secretary, the greatest extent possible to meet the different needs of domestic and foreign customers. Since the establishment of the company, we continue to expand domestic and foreign markets, through the major international logistics and courier companies, our products a

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